Why attend Hunt Club?

Hunt Club puts you at the cutting edge of cybersecurity and AI. There are a lot of reasons why you should attend. Here are a few:

  1. 1. Hone your threat-hunting skills. Rubbing elbows with like-minded professionals who are also at the forefront using AI to hunt for threats will give you a fresh perspective.
  2. 2. Earn up to 15 CPE credits. (ISC)2 members can earn up to 15 CPE credits for their participation at Hunt Club. In addition, everyone who participates in Hunt Club will receive an Official Vectra Threat Hunter certificate.
  3. 3. Networking with peers. Getting to know threat-hunting colleagues at a personal level is an awesome way to help each other discover new ideas and spark inspiration.
  4. 4. See vendors work together ... really. Although it’s as common as a total solar eclipse, you’ll see how disparate security products integrate for faster detection and response.
  5. 5. Go beyond AI buzzword bingo. We will cut through the hyperbole and give you the straight scoop about machine learning, detection algorithms and AI.
  6. 6. Have fun. All work and no play makes for a dull threat hunter. You’ll have lots of time before, during and after Hunt Club to socialize and explore local attractions.

Tips to get your trip to Hunt Club approved

Appeal to the boss's goals

Is it important to stop cyberthreats before damage is done? Of course. Explain that attending Hunt Club will reduce business risk and help achieve security goals. We'll have scores of sessions about the latest AI techniques to hunt down cyberattackers.

Who's minding the store?

Before talking with your manager about attending Hunt Club, be prepared to explain how your projects and responsibilities will be handled while you're away. Having a well-thought-out plan before asking permission to attend Hunt Club is vital to sealing the deal.

It's worth your time, superstar

Hunt Club will give you a broader perspective on threat hunting with AI. You'll learn and share cutting-edge best practices with others. And you'll carry that new-found expertise wherever you go and affect extraordinary changes in the cybersecurity profession.

Kick your career into high gear

Connecting with like-minded peers at Hunt Club is great for personal brand building. You'll strike up new professional relationships that will benefit you down the road, whether recruiting for new talent, sharpening your threat-hunting skills or running your own SOC.