what's hunt club?

Hunt Club is your peer group. We are not talking about other people with the same job title; we are talking about people who are the first to use artificial intelligence to automate threat detection and response.

Being a leader can be lonely because you are the one out in front. That is why we are bringing together all the security analysts and architects using AI in cybersecurity as a community.

Hunt Club is the largest in-person event bringing together the security architects and security analysts who are either first responders or incident investigators using the Cognito threat-detection and response platform from Vectra. 

This annual event will be packed with technical sessions and practical use cases that will enable you to learn from your peers and share best practices.

In addition, Vectra technology partners will be participating by delivering tracks and staffing the on-site security operations center where they will demonstrate how their solutions integrate with Cognito.

All content will be delivered by your peers or subject matter expects from your peer group and Vectra, as well as its technology partners. We have banned our sales and marketing personnel from the event.

Tips to get your trip to Hunt Club approved

Appeal to the boss's goals

Is it important to stop cyberthreats before damage is done? Of course. Explain that attending Hunt Club will reduce business risk and help achieve security goals. We'll have scores of sessions about the latest AI techniques to hunt down cyberattackers.

Who's minding the store?

Before talking with your manager about attending Hunt Club, be prepared to explain how your projects and responsibilities will be handled while you're away. Having a well-thought-out plan before asking permission to attend Hunt Club is vital to sealing the deal.

It's worth your time, superstar

Hunt Club will give you a broader perspective on threat hunting with AI. You'll learn and share cutting-edge best practices with others. And you'll carry that new-found expertise wherever you go and effect extraordinary changes in the cybersecurity profession.

Kick your career into high gear

Connecting with like-minded peers at Hunt Club is great for personal brand building. You'll strike up new professional relationships that will benefit you down the road, whether recruiting for new talent, sharpening your threat-hunting skills or running your own SOC.