HUNT CLUB 2018 Speakers


Jack Barsky

Former KGB Spy

Jack Barsky’s life has been improbable, impossible and downright fascinating. CBS’ 60 Minutes found it so interesting that they featured the story in a double segment and re-aired it twice.

This true spy story had a very humble beginning in the most backward corner of the old East Germany. Smarts and hard work got Jack out into the world, where he started a career teaching chemistry and math at a well-known university. Then his life took a fantastic detour – Jack was recruited by the KGB and infiltrated into the US where he spent ten years spying for the Soviet Union. He “resigned” from the KGB and was eventually discovered by the FBI. Today, Jack is a law abiding patriotic American citizen who is taking advantage of one last chance to live a normal life.

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Albert Caballero

ISO, HBO Latin America

As Information Security Officer, Albert directs the implementation of HBO Latin America’s cyber defense strategy. He Co-Founded Trapezoid, Inc., helping drive the creation of patented cloud security technology.

Also, serving as Security Engineering Manager at Terremark Worldwide, Inc., he developed and managed the SOC. He has been published in the Computer Information Security Handbook©, the foreword of the Intel® Trusted Execution Technology Handbook and co-authored the ODCA Provider Assurance Usage Model. Most recently he contributed chapters to Cloud Computing Security: Foundations and Challenges and Security in the Private Cloud both published by CRC Press as well as being winner of the 6th Annual CSO 50 Award for his work in security architecture.

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Mario Morales

Regional Director of the FPS, Region 4

Mario Morales was appointed Regional Director of the Federal Protective Service (FPS), Region 4 in 2015. He has a diverse background of experience within the realm of Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigations, sensitive security operations, physical and industrial security programs and military and diplomatic security assistance oversight work. His tenure includes a broad range of law enforcement, operational readiness, criminal investigation, physical security and protective services operations within the Region.

Mr. Morales is appearing in his personal capacity and not as a representative of the United States or the Department of Homeland Security.  Any opinions or statements made are his, and do not necessarily represent those of the United States or the Department of Homeland Security.

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Alex Attumalil

Global Cyber Security Director, Under Armour

Alex Attumalil is a passionate security practitioner, responsible for the Global Cyber Security Operations at Under Armour.

A transformational leader, Alex manages the strategic risk-based deployment of Security controls, while ensuring frictionless business operations.

In his professional career, Alex has taught as an Adjunct Professor, presented at various cyber conferences and served as a technical consultant on various Customer Advisory Boards. He is also a qualified Fire-Fighter, Heavy Rescue Tech and Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator.

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Dan Basile

Executive Director of the SOC, TAMU

Daniel Basile has been in the security industry for over 15 years and currently leads the Security Operations Center for the Texas A&M University System.

He started this group with a very limited budget and has grown the team exponentially to now serve over 250,000 people and protect over $4.2 billion in annual budget.

Over his career he has worked in roles such as security software testing, information security officer and HIPAA security officer.  He is currently a CISSP as well as a Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer.

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Oliver Tavakoli

CTO, Vectra

Oliver Tavakoli is chief technology officer at Vectra. Oliver is a technologist who has alternated between working for large and small companies throughout his 25-year career – he is clearly doing the latter right now. Prior to joining Vectra, Oliver spent more than seven years at Juniper as chief technical officer for the security business.

Oliver joined Juniper as a result of its acquisition of Funk Software, where he was CTO and better known as developer #1 for Steel-Belted Radius. Prior to joining Funk Software, Oliver co-founded Trilogy Inc. and prior to that, he did stints at Novell, Fluent Machines and IBM.

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Chris Morales

Head of Security Analytics, Vectra

Christopher Morales is Head of Security Analytics at Vectra, where he analyzes attacker behavior trends across global network metadata.

He has nearly two decades of information security experience in an array of cybersecurity consulting, sales, and research roles. Before Vectra, he was Principal Architect at HyTrust, Research Director at NSS Labs, Sr. Analyst at 451 Research, and Sr. Security Architect at McAfee and IBM Internet Security Systems.

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Jennifer Wang

VP of Customer Success, Vectra

Jennifer Wang is vice president of customer success at Vectra. She brings to Vectra a long, successful history in building and leading customer-facing teams for enterprise cybersecurity software companies.

Most recently, she was vice president of customer success at Agari, where she was responsible for post-sales functions, with a focus on the continuous success of customers from on-boarding to renewal and expansion.

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Jonathan Barrett

Consulting Analyst, Vectra

Jonathan Barrett is a consulting analyst at Vectra, where he oversees platform training and communication with customer SOCs.

Before joining Vectra, Jonathan worked in the United States intelligence community as a senior red team operator, cyber incident operator, security analyst, cyber intelligence analyst, and inter-organizational liaison.

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Luke Richards

Consulting Analyst, Vectra

Luke Richards is a consulting analyst at Vectra and spends his days advising our clients how to integrate AI into their security processes.

Previously, Luke was a senior security operations analyst and has experience in reverse-engineering code, de-obfuscating and decoding exploit code, security incident handling, malware analysis and incident response.

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Battista Cagnoni

Consulting Analyst, Vectra

Battista Cagnoni is a Consulting Security Engineer at Vectra, focussed on EMEA Customer Success. With two decades of experience as Cyber Security professional in different verticals, covering Security Engineer, Security Analyst and SOC manager roles.

He is very passionate about technical and geo-political aspects associated to Cyber Threats and Incident Response.

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Nathan Einwechter

Head of Consulting Services, Vectra

Nathan Einwechter is the head of consulting services at Vectra and has over a decade of experience in the information security field.

With deep technical knowledge of machine learning and AI, Nathan is actively engaged with R&D and client services delivery at Vectra to help customers successfully navigate through security operations challenges.

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Matthew Silver

Lead Data Scientist, Vectra

Matthew Silver is an experienced data scientist with a background in computational neuroscience, emphasizing recurrent deep neural networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis.

At Vectra, he applies unsupervised and supervised ML techniques to push the boundaries of AI and anomaly detection in network security to catch advanced cyberattackers the moment they arrive.

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Sohrob Kazerounian

Senior Data Scientist, Vectra

Sohrob Kazerounian is a senior data scientist at Vectra where he specializes in artificial intelligence, deep learning, recurrent neural networks and machine learning.

Before Vectra, he was a post-doctoral researcher with Jürgen Schidhuber at the Swiss AI Lab, IDSIA. Sohrob holds a Ph.D. in cognitive and neural systems from Boston University and bachelor of sciences degrees in cognitive science and computer science from the University of Connecticut.

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Karl Lynn

Senior Security Researcher, Vectra

Karl Lynn is a senior security researcher at Vectra. With nearly two decades of experience, he has held threat research and security engineering roles at Tenable, Juniper, eEye Digital Security, Enterasys and CACI.

With hands-on knowledge of vulnerability assessment, IDS/IPS, malware analysis, encryption and application security, Karl holds patents for threat detection using metadata vectors, malicious relay detection on networks, and network intrusions using layered host scoring.

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Mike Banic

VP Marketing, Vectra

Mike Banic is the vice president of marketing at Vectra. Previously, he was vice president of global marketing for networking at Hewlett-Packard. Mike joined HP from Juniper Networks where he held the roles of VP of enterprise marketing and VP of marketing for Ethernet switching. Mike joined Juniper through the acquisition of Peribit Networks where he was VP of corporate marketing. Mike has held product marketing and product management roles at Trapeze Networks, Rhapsody Networks and Extreme Networks. Mike holds a BSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts and previously served on the board of directors for Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

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Hitesh Sheth

CEO, Vectra

Hitesh Sheth is the president and CEO of Vectra. Previously, he held the position of chief operating officer at Aruba Networks. Hitesh joined Aruba from Juniper Networks, where he was EVP/GM for its switching business and before that, SVP for the Service Layer Technologies group, which included security. Prior to Juniper, he held a number of senior management positions in the switching organization at Cisco, including running its metro Ethernet business. Before Cisco, he held executive and engineering management positions at Liberate Technologies and Oracle Corporation. He started his career as a Unix programmer at the Santa Cruz Operation. Hitesh holds a BA degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Jacob Sendowski

Sr. Product Manager, Vectra

Jacob Sendowski is a senior product manager at Vectra networks where he is responsible for detections and algorithms. He partners with the security research, data science, and UX teams to productize new detections and optimize the way our customers interact with existing detections.

Prior to joining Vectra Jacob worked at Intel, where he was product manager for virtual datacenter security software, an associate investor at Intel Capital, and a researcher in silicon photonics. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology where his research was in photonics and semiconductor lasers.

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Rohan Chitradurga

Director Product Management, Vectra

Prior to joining Vectra, Rohan worked at A10 networks where he was product manager for security solutions at A10. Prior to A10, he was product manager for Ixia’s application and security product, BreakingPoint Systems. This blend of networking and security expertise helps guide product direction.

Rohan has an MBA from Wharton school of business and an undergraduate degree from IIT Delhi.

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Dale O'Grady

Senior Security Engineer, Vectra

Dale O’Grady is a Director of Systems Engineering at Vectra Canada.  Dale has extensive experience in layer 2-7 security and is as a 20+ year veteran of the Information Technology sector.  Dale has spent time as a Security Engineer with Palo Alto Networks, F5 Networks and many years at Nortel.

Dale has had the good fortune of working as a world-wide Product Manager for security solutions including as Firewalls, Proxies, Intrusion Detection/Prevent Systems, Traffic Classification Systems, Mobile Security and Network Access Control.

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Dr. Chuck Clanton

Head of Design, Vectra

I do user research and design of consumer, business, enterprise, game and virtual world user experiences. Over the years I have pioneered methods for iterative testing, design, and usability validation that integrates well with agile development, new interactive technologies, and the needs for rapid evolution at startups.

I am experienced at developing interactions for new technology such as hand held touch screens (a long time ago), interactive video on the floor of malls, body language for emotional communication in an online 3D world, and a 3D body gesture language in front of a wall display. I am also experienced at researching user behavior and developing best design practices.

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